The Florida United Division is committed to creating a workplace that is unique in its ability to provide exceptional work opportunities for positive, hardworking students looking to expand their capacity and dramatically stand out from their peer group.  In the United Division, we are proud to train, challenge, support and mentor future leaders hungry to deviate from the “normal college kid job” or internship.


If selected, the position creates the space for young people to develop extraordinarily marketable/transferable skills, grow their confidence, cultivate strong relationships, and challenge their personal abilities and beliefs; regardless of their personality type, major or future career path. 


Our representatives use their work experience as a vehicle to strengthen their financial security and transform their personal and professional lives, as undergraduates and beyond. If selected for a position, students construct an incomparably firm foundation for their futures and have acres of fun in the process. 


 We are filling openings on a first come, first considered basis – for consideration apply ASAP!


District Managers

After 10 years of service, Jeff Gamboa is a Hall of Fame manager responsible for over 13 million dollars in Cutco sales. Jeff has led six National Championship teams, and will be adding two more Silver Cups to his resume in 2017.  Mr. Gamboa will have a staggering total of eight National Championship winning organizations - more than any other manager in his position in the last 30 years. 

Jeff Gamboa - Divisional Manager - Florida United Division
Jeff Gamboa

Florida United Division Manager

Andrew Evans - Owner of the Metro Miami office - Vector Marketing
Andrew Evans

Metro Miami District Manager

Carlos Cordero, Tampa District Manager
Carlos Cordero

Tampa District Manager

Andrew was a Branch Manager in the Miami area for 2 years. He ran the #1 office in the country for the past two years in a row and in 2017, broke the all-time national sales record for a branch office. Andrew is now a FT District Manager for the Miami area

Carlos Started with Cutco right out of high school in July of 2007. He attended USF and was a Pilot Sales Manager for 4 years before winning the Sir Lancelot Award. He was promoted to District manager of Tallahassee Florida in 2014. Silver Cup winner in 2015. Career Sales Exceeding 3 Million. In 2017, Mr. Cordero moved back to take over Tampa, Florida.

Jackson Montgomery,Tallahassee District Manager
Jackson Montgomery

Tallahassee District Manager

Orlando Beersingh, Ft. Myers District Manager
Orlando Beersingh

Ft. Myers District Manager

Rhiannon Smith, Sarasota District Manager
Rhiannon Smith

Sarasota District Manager

Sean Powell

Ocala District Manager

Brandon Denney

Tampa District Manager

Karina Marquez

South Miami District Manager

Mike Ambramowitz, Author of G.R.A.B. Tomorrow, Tampa District Manager
Mike Ambramowitz

Clearwater District Manager


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